H809 Wrap-up

September 2009

The results have just come out for H809 - Practice-based Research in Educational Technology and I got a distinction which was a nice surprise as I wasn't expecting to.

Specific things that I got out of the course:

Blogging the course was an interesting experience. It was hard work and certainly at times I regretted deciding to blog it, especially given all the other work for the course. However, I feel like I definitely got more out of the course by doing so. In particular, I wasn't tempted to skim sections and think if I hadn't been blogging it then I would have been tempted to skip straight to the assessments and work backwards from those in terms of how I read the course materials. If I do future courses, I'd be tempted to blog again. I did worry at times that my blog posts about the course might be of rather limited interest for most people following this blog, but I also think that I maybe blogged more about other things because the blogging got me over the inertia of not blogging. It'd have been great if more of the students on the course had blogged too as the blogs that both students and Jo  Iacovides, the course blogger were great and in many ways made me feel more like part of a community than the forums did. It'd be great to see more courses with a 'course blogger' role, as I found the round-ups really useful, and it was interesting to get the perspective of a PhD student on the course.